Tuesday, 24 February 2015

3 fun & simple boredom busting toddler activities!

"A child's creativity is only limited by their parents' willingness to clean up after them." - Robert John Meehan. 
I thought I would drop in and do a quick post about some activities for toddlers. 
Yesterday my girl was a bit off and needed a bit of distracting and fun (I think her darn teeth are being awful!) 
She normally is great at independent play and will sit in her play room while I do my jobs around the home, but yesterday that all went out the window, I was pulling out all the stops for entertainment as none of our regular games seemed to please her, but that's alright everyone has off days! 
So I went overboard on the fun activities & I thought I would share these ideas with you all, because honestly sometimes it's hard thinking of new things to do! 
None of these are ground breaking games but LuLu really enjoyed them and they help pass the time well.

  • Our first idea was to build an inside cubby/fort. Super simple, everyone knows how to do this. Grab your dining chairs & throw a sheet over them (I used a fitted sheet so it stays on better & we used a double size), we threw in a bunch of pillows and a blanket and hung out. We chatted to bubbas, sang songs and read books! (This morning we woke up & Mishka decided to make it a cat bed!)
  • Secondly, we headed outside to do some hand washing and bubba bathing! I filled up a giant Tupperware bowl with water and some dish soap (for bubbles) and gave LuLu a stack of wash clothes and doll cloths and let her do some laundry and she also bathed her water safe baby doll. Then we headed inside where she hung out all the laundry on a makeshift clothesline. (I used an over the door clothes hanger, I just propped it up in the window sill - worked perfectly!) 
  • For our last activity while LuLu had her afternoon nap, I cut up some fruit for her afternoon snack and I also whipped up some super simple homemade paint (recipe can be found HERE). So when she woke up she could have a snack and then do some painting! I had my paint in the fridge for awhile so it went a bit thick but LuLu loved squeezing it in between her hands & making a mess!! (Great sensory play!)
So I hope these ideas give you some inspiration,  I encourage you to get outside and play. I spend everyday with LuLu, so we are always looking for new games & activities to play, so if you have any suggestions please leave them below in a comment, Facebook me or Tweet me! I would love to hear what you do with your little one!
Have a fun day!!

“Play is our brain's favourite way of learning.” - Diane Ackerman

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Series; Adding & Subtracting this Lent.

Let your faith be bigger than your fear. 
Welcome back to another Sunday Series.
I want to start this post by taking a moment to remind us all to pray for those up in Central QLD who were affected by Tropical Cyclone Marcia that made landfall on Friday as a Category 5 cyclone! Many towns in Central QLD have been damaged & some almost entirely destroyed. I have many friends in Yeppoon & Rockhampton who have had their homes affected, at this moment they are still without electricity, phone service is patchy & supplies & clean water are limited in the town. I pray that they stay in good spirits & that the damage can be easily fixed and that electricity, phone service & water supply is restored soon! Stay strong guys, we are all thinking of you! We also thank God that we have heard of no serious injuries or fatalities from the cyclone. 
Photos from the last time I was in Yeppoon, 3 years ago. 
This past week Lent started. Tuesday was 'Shrove Tuesday' & the following day was 'Ash Wednesday' - the start of Lent. 
(For those who don't know what 'Shrove Tuesday' is, it is the day before the start of Lent where people would use up their 'rich foods' to start a period of fasting. (There is a lot more technical history to it, but I doubt you all want to read about it!))
In todays world it's more about eating pancakes and forgiveness. Shrove is basically defined as confessing sins to a Priest. We can translate that now as admitting our sins to God and asking for forgiveness and also being forgiving towards others. 
I must admit I always find the forgiving part a little hard. The past year I've been hurt not just by just the normal person who annually causes me grief, but also by a very close friend & that has really hurt my heart. I have forgiven everyone who has hurt me in my life, but that doesn't mean I have to allow people into my life who hurt me. I think we have to be smart when it comes to who we let in, I think running after someone who has treated you badly is idiotic, I will never beg someone to be apart of my life, because if they wanted to be there they would. So I let go of the anger, the pain & I just move on. I leave nonsense, pettiness, cruelty & disloyalty behind. I've forgiven people for the hurt, but that is so I am not bottling up anger inside myself - holding onto anger that I have towards people for being cruel to me is not healthy and I refuse to do it. 
I understand that God forgives me each time I may sin so who am I to really condemn someone, at the end of the day that is up to God, not me. 
Anyway, moving on...
So after Shrove Tuesday comes Ash Wednesday which marks the start of Lent for 2015. Lent is the period of 40 week days before Holy Thursday (the day before Good Friday). 
So for Lent it is common to give up something to symbolise the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Traditionally it was rich foods and meat, so people would fast for the period of Lent. But today it can be anything, alcohol, chocolate, social media etc. This year I have to admit I was struggling to think of something to give up, previous years I have given up stress, procrastination, alcohol, swearing, negativity etc. I cannot give up all my social media accounts, I was considering shutting down my Facebook but I really love being able to show my Mum photos daily of LuLu. 
So this year I've decided to give up on; 

  • Worrying about those who couldn't care less for me 
  • I want to reduce the amount of take-out food we purchase, make even more home cooked meals!
  • Let go of anger & stress. Just let go of any negative feeling... 
And my things to add into my life; 

  • More prayer time (whether it be more devotionals, more quiet time just however I can in a moment for God & I etc) 
  • More happiness 
  • More patience
  • More peace
  • More quiet 
  • Be a better wife, Mum, daughter & sister (daily goals!) 
  • Blog more
  • Be more grateful
Giving up something for Lent is symbolic to the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and the 40 days and nights he spent in the desert and teaches us to practice self discipline. I think it is something wonderful to do and a good way to start positive habits in life. The things we try to give up for Lent should be things that can negatively effect our lives and the things we add to our lives should be things to make us a better person. (I hope that explanation is simple enough to understand, I know some topics in religion can be kind of confusing!) 
I believe all the things I have picked are positive and will help me become a better person! 

What have you decided to give up and add for Lent? Even if you aren't religious this could be a good time to say I will cut back on soft drink, alcohol, sugar, negativity etc for 40 days and then try to continue it on past the 40 day point. There are so many possibilities and this is just a good chance to do something positive for yourself. 

Even if you have already given up something for Lent, I encourage you to add something positive in & if you are religious add more of your Faith into your routine! 
Have a glorious Sunday!

Lent is a pause button. It is a quiet unlike any other time of year. Lent is a season to close our eyes as the busy world buzzes around us, to consider those things we’d much rather forget: our sin and our humanity. We came from dust, and to dust we will return. - She Reads Truth. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

RAOK; A deer little mail surprise!

Today's I got a beautiful surprise from someone I have never met before in the mail, a true random act of kindness. 
A beautiful fawn clock! :) 
Last week I asked a fellow Instagram Mumma when she purchased her little fawn clock from Kmart & what Kmart it was from, as I thought it would be the perfect piece for Lucy's big girl room (I'm on the hunt for pieces now). Unfortunately my local Kmart had none, but a few days later this kind and beautiful Mumma sent me a message asking for my address because she was sending me a clock! 
(Sidenote* Kmart has the goods lately, I am not even joking I have found so many goodies there, it's addictive!! I highly recommend you skip to your nearest store and get ready to get some great buys!! I post lots of my finds on Instagram but stay tuned and I'll do a blog post shortly on them!) 
This kind gesture was so surprising and made me feel like nice & genuine people who want to be kind still exist in today's world & that made my heart so happy. 

 When someone out of the blue does something so genuinely nice & boom - faith restored in nice people! 
So thank you kind lady, you made my heart incredibly happy! :)
I did ask her if I could pay for the item, or postage or even just have her return address to say thank you with a gift, but she won't give it to me, her instructions were to just pay it forward & I will do that indeed!
And in saying that I have had a rough time with some "friends" I should also mention that it has made me appreciate the beautiful and positive people I do have in my life.  
Besides from my husband & family who are my best friends, I have a beautiful group of girls on instagram who are the kindest & most darling Mumma's & are ladies I like to consider my friends & I wish everyday that I lived closer to them & then I also have my amazing best friends who I would be lost without. We may not speak everyday but we know we love & truly respect each other & this past year has made me realise how truly blessed I am to have these wonderful people! So thank you ladies for not being awful, for being amazing & always making me smile. 
I leave you with a few quotes that pretty much sum up how I feel right about now.
Thank you for reading & thank you for being my beautiful blog friends!
Talk soon!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Easy Homemade Baby Safe Paint Recipe.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” Pablo Picasso
I hope you are all having a beautiful Sunday, ours has been splendid & very colourful!
This morning after doing our jobs & LuLu having her morning nap we baked some healthy muffins & then after lunch I whipped up a batch of homemade paints and we had some very fun sensory & art play! After that to clean up & cool down we jumped in the pool for a nice swim! And then my parents stopped by for a visit! 
What a busy but lovely day so far!
My darling girl is currently having her afternoon nap & I am having a bit of a rest but I thought I would quickly hop on and share this super simple paint recipe with you. I made it with a basic ingredient in my pantry and it turned out very well. I am still searching for other paint recipes to experiment with, but this one was fairly impressive with how simple it was to make!
  • Cornflour
  • Boiling Water
  • Food Dye
  1. Boil kettle.
  2. Scoop cornflour into a heat safe bowl (I used about 4 tablespoons, sorry I forgot to measure exactly) & slowly pour boiling water over the cornflour.
  3. Whisk immediately.
  4. Keep whisking until there are very few or no lumps left and you have reached your desired consistency. If it is too thick for your liking add more water & if too runny add more cornflour. (I kept our mixture fairly thick as it was more for sensory play & finger painting)
  5. Once you are happy with your white mixture scoop into containers or paint tray, (I bought a cheap muffin tin for this activity and it worked perfectly!) 
  6. Add a few drops of food dye to each bowl/container/whatever and mix.
  7. Pop into fridge for a few minutes to chill mixture if you want to use it straight away. This may also thicken your mixture slightly. 
If you want to make a bulk lot of this it will last about 2 weeks stored in the fridge. 
I am on the look out for some paint brushes that are toddler friendly, the only ones I had for LuLu to use today were my old ones from high school art class! 
This recipe was super easy and took no time at all to throw together and LuLu had an absolute ball painting the paper and herself. We did this activity outside in the shade. We then shared some water melon and a cold drink of water. 
I think this is the perfect Summer activity and I encourage you to try this with your little one. If you do I would love to see your photos, send them to me on Facebook, or tag me in them on IG or tweet me! :) Also let me know if you have a great DIY paint recipe, I would love to try it out!!

Well, I just heard my little dear wake up & I just realised it's time for her fruit snack and Daddy will be home very shortly! Better go do the quick race around the house and tidy up a bit! :)
Talk soon!

Live colourfully!