Friday, 20 November 2015

Tutorial; Recycled Ammo Christmas Bauble {VIDEO}

It's nearly Christmas - it's nearly Christmas! Ok, a little while to go - but it's close... 
I tried to keep the Christmas posts until December - I did... But I did this awesome craft over the weekend & it's super basic, but I am in love with it - it takes next to no time at all (can totally be done during your child's nap time!) and I was so excited about it - I filmed a video. Yes, I FILMED A VIDEO! And I have been so excited to share it with you all... So I am sharing a Christmas craft tutorial - in November... But hey, it's late November - so that is ok, right? 
Oh heck, even if it isn't right - I am proudly waving my festive freak flag! 
Now, I know this may not appeal to everyone - but the beauty of this craft is you can totally customise it to your own taste... You can add whatever you like...
I made "recycled ammo Christmas baubles" or "bullet baubles"... 
But you could add into the bauble anything you love... 
I know a lot of people don't have surplus of empty shells laying around like I do - but I know some of my readers are fellow hunters & shooters.
This ornament would also be a great addition to a gift you are giving to someone who maybe interested in hunting or shooting. Just wrap the gift in brown paper, tie with brown string and attach the bauble - I think it would look really great. 
This is the perfect ornament for "manly men" - my husband, brothers & Dad don't care that much for Christmas decorations - they just go along with whatever is put out or on the tree - but they thought these were really cool. And because it's made from empty shells, bullets they actually shot - it makes it a little more special. 
The baubles I used are from Lincraft and I got them when they were on a 50% off Christmas stock - I can't remember the exact price but I am positive they were under $4. I've also seen clear shatterproof baubles at some cheap stores.
So here is the tutorial, (if by chance the video isn't showing up please click HERE)

I really love how these turned out. I made 4. 1 for our tree, 1 each for my brothers & their girlfriends and 1 for my parents. They were all really impressed with them.

If you recreate this craft, please send me a photo on one on my social media - I would love to see!!
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Have a wonderful day! 

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